• Over 9000 visitors from all parts of India
• Trade visitors from over 22 countries
• Over 200 exhibitors
• Exhibition area of 11,500sqm
• More than 50 new products launched
• Over 400 product brands showcased
• 22 live product demonstrations
• Visitors from across sectors
• Buyer-seller conversations
• High-level Networking
• Many deals concluded
• Six highly specialized Conferences over 3 days
• Houseful audiences

The registration counters opened to visitors at 10am every morning, but visitors queued up well in advance. Long lines at the counter were a daily sight, and our spot registrations never had a moment of respite.

Old contacts were renewed, many new acquaintances made and an untold number of conversations were converted into contracts. Visitors from facility management companies, as well as individual customers from the healthcare, hospitality, railway and other industries hopped from stall to stall, looking for and finding solutions to their very specific problems. Every hour, parts of the Expo area would come to a standstill for a few minutes, as visitors gathered to witness live demonstrations of path-breaking products that are set to revolutionise the market.

By the end of each day, some machines proudly sported a sticker announcing that they’d been purchased at the expo itself. And when the whistle blew at 6pm for the gates to shut, visitors had to be requested by security personnel to leave. Such was their enthusiasm to know more about the latest in the cleaning technology. But they came back the next day, and we hope to see them again next year.

Our flagship exhibition, Clean India Show — 16th edition — has grown from strength to strength, registering about 500% visitor increase since its inception in 2005. Visitors who entered the Expo hall were greeted by the sight of expansive booths and smaller stalls, each attractively and innovatively designed, artfully showcasing the finest in cleaning technology and products. Senior marketing managers, directors and CEOs of companies stood close at hand, ready to explain and demonstrate the unique capabilities of their product, and answer every last visitor’s query

Visitors comments

Angad Rajain, Global Head-IFM, Tenon Facilities Management India Pvt. Ltd: I’ve been wandering through the Expo area and in just half an hour, I’m thrilled to see so many domestic and international partners and vendors. Had I not come, I would have missed out on something important.

Bharathi Kamath, MD-CareWell Facilities India Pvt. Ltd: This expo has exposed us to a lot of new equipment. The amount of relevance that has been given to certain parts of the industry, that were unheard of until five years ago, is commendable. There’s a lot that one can pick up and also learn from here.

Dr Dhruv Mamtora, Consultant Clinical Microbiologist and Infection Control officer, S.L. Raheja-Fortis Associate Hospital, Mumbai: Multiple companies participated, and also, I got to see such a huge aundry, cleaning and sanitationrelated exhibitions for the first time ever, with so many national and international companies participating at the same. It definitely helps people see what is new, and how to introduce new technologies in their day-to-day work for better management of facilities and better cleanliness to prevent spread of infections.

Exhibitor comments

Laboratories: Footfall was very good for Bangalore standards. We had a very focussed clientele coming here. We have thoroughly enjoyed this extremely well-organised exhibition, which matches up to international standards.

S. Vanchinathan, Regional Head (South)-Buzil Rossari India Pvt. Ltd: We’ve had excellent footfall at our stall, and got a lot of enquiries from visitors. This was the best platform for us to display our products.

Solaman Fredrick, Territory Manager- Rentokil-PCI India: Footfall has been increasing since the Expo began, and we expect to close a lot of deals here itself. The ambience of the Expo is amazing, where so many people can come and take a look at our products.

Dariusz Mikolazczyk, Ambassador- IMOP/i-team Global: It’s my first show in India. Usually, in European shows, the first day is slow. But here, the first day is very busy. We have had many customers and a lot of enquiries that have kept us very busy!

Tony Chazhoor, MD-IPC India: We didn’t expect this much footfall in Bangalore. We’ve had back-to-back customers in our booth, especially from the railways and airports. We saw a lot of influencers and decision makers coming for this Expo, which means it has become popular in South India as well. Every time we participate in the Clean India Show, we are sure that we will participate in the next one as well!

Vivek Mata, MD-Charnock Equipment Pvt. Ltd: Even the last day, which is usually slower, has been good. It has been a surprise, I wasn’t expecting such a crowd here. We’ve been associated with Clean India from the first show itself, and we keep coming back because it’s so good!

The growing importance of this Expo is evidenced by a single fact; from last year to this year, its exhibition area has not just increased, but doubled. This part of the Expo was never quiet, with the hiss of detergent dispenser and hum of automatic washers and dryers almost drowning out the scores of queries fielded by the visitors flocking in from multiple sectors. The Railways, in particular, showed in force from all the 16 zones, searching for large-scale solutions to tackle the massive amount of laundry they need to process every day.

Many new exhibitors were equally eager to promote their all-new products and services, which were the perfect union of tech and hardware designed to launch India’s laundry segment well into the middle of the 21st century. Many visitors who mobbed this section were investors looking to become franchisees of established laundry chains, startups from West Bengal, Gurgaon, Pune, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa…

Consequently, exhibitors went beyond products, and offered a wide range of support partnerships as well.

It was a common sight to have sales personnel deliberately apply a stain to a garment, then employ his company’s product to make it vanish in a matter of minutes. The products at some stalls were ground-breaking, where even after a live demo ended, the demonstrator wasn’t allowed to relinquish his mic by a crowd of visitors who wanted to know every last thing about the product.

Visitors comments

Abhijit Dey, Proprietor-Deys Ice Suppliers: The Show was excellent. Like the last few years, it was a very good initiative. The expo was well set. It will be very helpful to get the unorganised sector with DLAI. Overall, it was a very nice experience and I am glad to be a part of it.

Amit Nath, Managing Director- Spinwash: It was a new exploration of an industry which is taken as a sad service industry. Recycling tools and laundry water recycling is much required. This is a great initiative. Anil Kumar, Proprietor-Mak & Mak: Being a new comer, it was a learning experience. I had no specific product requirement, but became interested in every aspect of the industry. Yes, I got most of the answers I was looking for and felt very confident after having gone through the sessions at LaundrexNet and displays at the Show and my interactions with industry seniors… The new Spirit amongst people to join together towards betterment of the people and procedures for the Industry was encouraging.

Exhibitors comments

Abhijit Banerjee, Business Head- Industrial Sales, IFB Industries: Although this is the first time, we’ve had our footprint in Laundrex India and have had very good footfall. We’ve got a mixed bag of enquiries lined up, some already sealed over here itself.

Ayush Khanijo, CEO-Orgaearth Cleansol: We are based in North India, so this Bengaluru Expo is great for us to tap the South market, which we feel has huge potential. It’s a great platform to showcase our products, to network within the industry and to generate good business from the market.

Choleshwar Ratne, MD-A2Z Laundry Solutions: The response has been huge. The footfall was wonderful, and we had enthusiastic visitors. Sometimes, we had to keep our stall open till 7pm on the request of visitors, some of whom came from as far away as Guwahati! Three days a year are not enough, we need more!

David Chadima, International Sales Manager, Dexter Laundry: We’ve been able to talk to almost everyone who stopped by our booth, answer all their questions, and share some production literature as well. We’ve had serious customers, and look forward to working with them in the future.

Dilip Param, CEO-Dhobiwala.com: It’s been an exciting three days! This industry is growing rapidly, which is experienced by the sheer number of people who have visited us. It’s been a privilege to exhibit here.

Srinivas Ramakrishna, CEODhobilocker: We got a lot of support from the organising team even before we began setting up our stall. They were very co-operative, helped us with logistics, and ensured we were comfortable throughout the show. Had I missed this show, what I achieved here, I would not have been able to achieve even if I had worked the whole year round.

Considering the number of visitors who thronged this Expo, we can rest assured that India is taking its waste management problem seriously. The type of exhibitors was diverse: from wasteto- energy plant developers and companies selling cranes for pit management to wet waste composting models and vendors marketing innovative paper products. From hotel kitchens and organic farmers to metropolitan municipal corporations and Smart City officials, this Expo welcomed the widest range of eager visitors as well.

Many visitors came looking for safe methods to dispose of e-waste. Others were seeking products that could replace existing products made of non-biodegradable materials. Whatever they sought, they found at India’s biggest waste management expo.

Visitor Comments

Dr DB Natesh, Assistant Municipal Commissioner, BBMP: We have found some of the solutions we were looking for, such as a robotic stomach, and used sanitary napkin disposal solutions. We had a fruitful conversation, and are hoping to work with them on a pilot basis.

This Expo has been very systematically organised, and brings together all solutions required for urban management on one platform.

GV Ramana Rao, Deputy Mayor, Vijayawada Municipal Corporation: We are already practising solid waste management in Vijayawada, but are overwhelmed with how much we have learnt about even better solutions at this Expo. We hope to implement them in the near future.

Manjula M Rao, Solid Waste Management expert, BBMP: I came here to understand the latest technology in SWM, specifically for different streams like animal waste management and bulk waste management. There’s a lot of innovation happening, but rarely can you get to know of it at a single platform. I am looking for vendors who can work with the BBMP, particular in odour management of SWM plants.

I found excellent solutions for mechanised cleaning of toilets, and would like to try out ‘Smart Bins’ on a pilot basis. A Shekar, Director-Vijayawada Municipal Corporation: I would like to congratulate the organisers of this Expo for showcasing so many solutions for Solid Waste Management. We have learnt about many new techniques, which we intend to implement in our city.

Exhibitor Comments

S. Ilango, Manager-Business Development, Avant Garde: It was indeed a great opportunity for us learn many technical aspects from the various Technical Seminars furnished by the eminent speakers. We utilized this opportunity to meet technocrats from various countries and exchanged the ideas. We also utilized this platform to propagate our company credentials, potentials & profiles to the fellow delegates and the reach was awesome through our stall.

KV Subba Rao-Orgreen Waste2Water Technology Pvt. Ltd: People were really surprised to see that food waste can be converted to water! They had never seen such technology anywhere else.

Sandeep Kanetkar, Director-Smart Enviro Systems Pvt. Ltd: This Expo helps us target the right people. At other shows, we don’t get serious visitors. And the best part is, even in Bengaluru, we are getting enquiries from Delhi, Hyderabad, and Mumbai.

N Nilesh, Director-Apollo Kitchen Equipments & Services Pvt. Ltd: The visitors we got were quality visitors, which we have come to expect from the Clean India team. We are very happy with the response.

Harish KM, Business Associate-JP Paper Products: We are very satisfied with type of visitors and enquiries we are getting. Thank you to entire Clean India team!


Virtual Info Systems Pvt. Ltd was proud to host India’s first ever conference dedicated exclusively to Digital Facility Management. As keynote speaker Angad Rajain, Global Head -IFM- Tenon Facilities Management India said, “At other facility management conferences, we get hardly any time to discuss digitisation, which is the future of the industry. Here, we dedicated an entire day to it.”

Speakers at the conference pointed out that as one of the fastest growing industries, the time is ripe for FM companies to incorporate technology in what has traditionally been perceived as a manpower-heavy job. Delegates from companies discussed how digitising FM benefits all stakeholders by yielding better efficiency and better results. Representatives of tech companies also brought their expertise to the table, explaining how automating processes and artificial intelligence can streamline all tasks, and help ground-level staff without replacing them.

Ralph Sunil, Group Head-Facility Management Services, GMR Group, described the conference as “a day of learning and sharing, so that we can make a difference to our own fraternity, as well as the people we serve”.

Car Care

Members of the car care sector came together for an afternoon of trading news and views at the Car Care Seminar.

Market leaders of the sector dug deep into the differences between newer, steam-cleaning processes versus traditional cleaning methods. Acknowledging the growing demand for automated car washing, a session was dedicated to this subject as well. One of the speakers, Jeevanand Ramakrishnan, MD-Sunrise Car Care, phrased the need of the hour by saying, “Over the years, the amount of time we take to clean a car has hardly changed. But customers now want their cars to be washed in 15-20mins; anyone who can provide such a solution will revolutionise the industry.”

Nirmal Narayan, Founder and Director, Keystone Auto Care, Hariprasad, Founder & CEO, GreenZ Car Care, and Krishna Gowdaman, R & D Sr. Manager – 3M India Limited, were some of the speakers who informed a jam-packed audience about the latest in water and energy-efficient systems.

Waste Technology Conference

Recognizing the importance of safely processing the tremendous amount of waste generated by India’s booming economy, one-and-half days were devoted to a high-level conference where reputed academicians, public sector officials and leaders of the waste management industry came together to share their knowledge about the latest advancements made in this sector. The delegates all presented their views on a central theme — how can we create a circular economy that will in turn create a sustainable environment?

A significant part of the two-day – summit was dedicated to examining how waste — instead of being discarded haphazardly – can actually be used to generate, fulfilling the twin goals of protecting the environment as adding to India’s energy capacity. Researchers presented case studies on how Indian cities are using smart solutions to solve their waste problems. Among our reputed speakers were Dr. AD Sawant, former Vice-Chancellor of Mumbai and Jaipur Universities, Dr. AC Bourtsalas of Columbia University, New York, and Arun Sawant, Director-WTERT India.

Conference on Hospital Infection Control

Doctors who have spent decades helping their hospitals achieve the highest level of sterility spoke about the economic effects of hospital- acquired illness on hospitals, quality assurance in infection control, how manpower influences the level of cleanliness achieved and how protocols should be designed to meet such targets. Speakers also explained how the quality of hospital linen has a huge role to play in preventing hospital-acquired infections in wards and operation theatres. Some of the pre-eminent delegates who delineated how hospital infection levels can be monitored were Dr. Manish Mattoo, Zonal Director, Fortis Hospitals, Bangalore and Dr. Dhruv K Mamtora, Consultant Clinical Microbiologist and Infection Control officer, S. L. Raheja-Fortis Associate Hospital, Mumbai.


Centered around the theme of ‘Start-ups, Expansion and Sustainability of Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Business’, its packed sessions were replete with industry titans who are pushing the envelope of laundry technology today.

Start-ups learnt and also expressed the need to learn more from the sessions on laundry business models, while traditional laundries caught up with the latest trends, like linen rental. With customers across the board demanding lesser consumption of water and energy, delegates discussed how the newest technologies can help fructify these conditions. An entire session was assigned to dry-cleaning, which is fast replacing India’s age-old model of manual washing.

Among the many eminent delegates in attendance were Zehen Arora, Director – Sales, Stefab India, Mohan Kandhasamy, Director- HGlobal USA and Rachit Ahuja, Quick-Dry Cleaning Software.

Hospitality Connect

The Clean India Show was pleased to provide a platform called Hospitality Connect, where housekeepers of leading hotels discussed the challenges of maintaining high quality standards in cleaning, and how digital facility management can help them achieve the same.

Sanitation Session

Founder of the World Toilet Organisation Jack Sim conducted a Special Session on Sanitation, where he led the discussion on how India can achieve its goal of providing every home with its own toilet, and make the entire nation open defecation-free.